Greg McHugh, CHT - Psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, Denver, Colorado

Incredible Experience

I went to see Greg upon the recommendation of a friend and was completely amazed at the experience. I not only was able to see into what I believe is a past life, but I was able to resolve some issues based on how we visited many experiences from that life and worked through healing them. Greg is very connected in the realm of spiritual guides and I felt that during my session. There were moments when I truly felt the presence of angels not only emotionally and mentally, but physically too. It was like a soft breeze blowing by me. I left walking on a cloud and felt tremendous healing and tears of joy from his gifted abilities as a hypnotherapist. posted by aria22 02/21/2008 On City Search (unsolicited-author unknown)

I got farther in my healing in the first 3 sessions with Greg than in all the 15 years of regular talk therapy.
43 year old male, a mortgage broker from Ft. Collins, Colorado USA

My husband's love is pouring out of him . . . I had wondered what had happened to him that his gentleness was pouring out of him for the past 2 days. Then I received your note that you had completed the remote releasement session. Thank you so very much for helping him.
        Wife of 55 year old male for whom we had done a remote spirit releasement.   New York State, USA

I am feeling lighter and so grateful. The overwhelming sadness and the anger is gone.

        40 year old male client from Northern California, USA

It has been a year now since my (suicide) attempt. As you know I am very well and very happy and you need to know how deeply grateful I am that you have helped me so much. I have my life!
       34 year old female from Colorado, USAfor whom we had done 4 remote sessions right after a nearly successful suicide attempt and then worked with her one on one two times a week for a while and then weekly.

I am writing with a follow up on my client's process....I met with her and found that the Remote Work allowed her to fully emote. She said she has never before cried or felt emotions like that in her life. She walked out of my office glowing. She couldn't quite understand why for the last week she felt this need to release emotionally and couldn't quite understand what it was in regard to. Yet after her session it became clear. She is breathing deep, full , "life receiving" breaths again.
         A Colorado psychotherapist wrote the above after we did a
         Remote Transpersonal Hypnotherapy session for one of her
         clients who previously had been emotionally "stuck" and, among
         other physical ailments, had had trouble with her breathing.

My first experience with spirit releasement took place in March (2003) when I went to see clinical hypnotherapist Greg McHugh. At that time in my life I was having regular panic attacks around eating in restaurants and driving on freeways. . . . Years earlier I had been mis-diagnosed as bipolar II and mis-medicated with Lithium and Klonapin, and after years of not finding appropriate healing (through regular talk therapy) for my panic attacks I had decided that I would seek out alternative therapies.

For days following the first session with Greg I was flabbergasted at the positive change. After two sessions, one of Spirit Releasement and the other of Past Life Regression, I was very energetic and panic free. My spirits were up (no pun intended) and all was well. Again today,(two weeks later) I feel good. I ate in a restaurant today with no panic. I was fully functioning and took the day on very strong. I got a lot done.
        32 year old female marketing professional from Ft. Collins, CO USA

Greg's work is absolutely transformative! After just 2 or 3 sessions, once in 2001 and more recently during the fall of 2008, my life took a leap from stagnation and feelings of hopelessness to a great job and home in my dream location. Both times everything changed beyond my expectations for what was possible. My women friends have had great experiences, too, and even my 30 year old son says that his one session with Greg when he was 17 was life-changing.

Greg McHugh is a wise, intuitive, and kind man. I always feel very safe sharing my vulnerabilities and fears with him, knowing that there will be no judgment. You will not be taking baby steps like usual talk therapy. Be prepared for almost immediate growth and big changes. The sessions that created my last breakthrough were even over the phone!

          Submitted on by Victoria Bresee, Assoc. Dean of Instruction-   Academic Programs at Trinidad State Junior College-Alamosa, CO USA

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended