Greg McHugh, CHT - Psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, Denver, Colorado

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Below are other practitioners or schools that I have either trained at (with) or explored in depth and so can recommend them based upon my experience.

S. Kelley Harrell, C.Ht.

Kelley is an extraordinary healer, shaman and hypnotherapist. She has a practice in Carey, North Carolina, near Raleigh. She teaches, sees individuals, writes, and does distance soul readings. (She really should call them distance healings, because they can very well be that.) Her shamanic journeying work swims in the consciousness of Love and True Service. Read her book, Gift of the Dreamtime. Its a nonfiction work published by Spilled Candy Books, (also available through, ) It really is the best book on shamanic work that I have read. How is that, you ask? Because Kelley shows and demonstrates that true healing and transformation of trauma and relationships comes through the experience that all the players in our trauma are also gifts of the Divine.

Barbara Brennan School of Healing
For full information go to Barbara’s website at

Anne DeChenne Drucker
Call her at 303 805-2700
Anne is a gifted spiritual teacher. She is the creator of Cellular Release Therapy TM, A hypnotherapy protocol that I use often for deep clearing of trauma, experiences, feelings, beliefs, and original cause of current life experiences. It is an extremely powerful and effective process, though not widely known. Anne teaches various aspects of hypnotherapy at several schools in Colorado. She is also available for private sessions and can tell you where and when she will be teaching the next set of classes. Anne Lives in Colorado. She is also Co Founder (with me) of the Golden Portal Institute

Jack Elias and the Institute for Therapeutic Learning
Jack runs an excellent very high caliber hypnotherapy school in Seattle and offers private hypnotherapy sessions, classes and certification in hypnotherapy. He also offers tapes in addition to his manual , “Finding True Magic”. Jack is recognized by his peers as an inspired innovator in hypnotherapy and a wonderful teacher. For a catalogue send Jack an e-mail at his web site.

International Association of Research and Regression Therapies
Founded by some of the great innovators in past life and regression therapy in the early 1980s. This group is a true professional body that provides excellent trainings in basic hypnotherapy, regression therapy and spirit releasement. Their Journal is a pure professional journal with some of the most significant peer reviewed articles written in this field over the past 20 years.

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