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Training & Mentoring

in The New Regression Therapy


Spirit Releasement

Based on the book:  The New Regression Therapy: Healing the Wounds and Trauma of This Life and Past Lives with the Presence and Light of the Divine

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2016 - 2018

with author Greg McHugh CCHt  303 995 4276




*          Direct experience in your own regression therapy sessions with Greg in application and invocation of Light and Divine Presence (White Light of the Interlife, Angels of the White light, Higher Self, other Great Teachers such as Elijah, Jesus, Kuan Yin) into causal trauma fields' emotions and beliefs that have comprised "sanskara", the impressions on your soul which created the physical, emotional and mental issues you had been experiencing  in this life. 


*            Realizing in yourself the disappearance of those issues as a result of the above healings.


*            Learning how to select the appropriate New Regression Therapy tools and protocols to help the client or patient enter into the fields of causal/conditioning trauma and utilize or invoke Divine Presence to facilitate similar experiences in your clients. Here you become a spiritual ally for them. Those issues, those impressions or sanskara, are cleared thereby enabling them to live with greater ease and in greater accord with their own Inner Being.


*            Direct experience and understanding the dynamics of spirit attachment, how entities of different types and energies of others come into our field and affect our emotions, beliefs, behaviors. Learn how such attachments in this and other lives contribute to their issue of the present.


*            Learning how to how to identify and provide the releasement and clearing of energies of others from your clients.


*            Direct experience in identification and releasement of such energies of others, deceased human spirits, or dark beings that may be attached in your energy field.


*            Learning how to apply all the tools and protocols from the text in "Remote Work", using a surrogate for healing of a client that is not physically present.




1) Greg's Lecture At The 2011 Annual Conference Of International Association For Research And Regression Therapies

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2) This training presumes you have previously acquired a basic understanding of hypnosis and hypnotic states (which is different than shamanic journeying). If you need to take a primer (basic) course I can recommend an excellent home study course:







*            Completion of reading and grasping a good understanding of the principles and protocols of the text: The New Regression Therapy, Greg McHugh.


*            6  therapy sessions with Greg (in person or via phone or Skype) at reduced rate of $150 (1.50 hrs to 2 hrs). Sessions are recorded and sent via 10 to 30 hrs. Fee $900


*            Interactive discussion/lectures with Greg via Skype  or in person on and about the text. These will be recorded and sent to you via 13 - 15 hrs  Fee $1300


*            10  mentoring modules. You will do 10 "practice" sessions, (with clients or volunteers) record them and send them to me via my account. I will review the recordings, we will setup times for in person, phone or Skype mentoring sessions to go over the recorded client sessions.


              Your session time with clients 15-20 hrs

              My review of recordings: 15 - 20 hrs @$80 hr = $1200

              Joint reviewing and mentoring: 10 @ 1.5 hr ea @ $80 per hr = $1200


              The mentoring sessions are recorded also.I will send them to you within 48 hours.


Total hours for certificate as a Practitioner in the New Regression Therapy 112 hrs       

Total fees $4600 US.


Optimally all of these components can be managed by you over 10 to 14 weeks and scheduled at your convenience. I do recommend that scheduling your practice sessions once a week and my review and our mentoring session within each subsequent 5 days will keep you  more intensely within the field of the "Work" for maximizing learning absorption. Such timing is not a requirement for certification, however. Certification as a Practitioner in the New Regression Therapy and Spirit Releasement will come through the process of your demonstrating competency in the various aspects and elements of the text in the mentorin modules.





* A prepayment can be upon receipt of invoice with the total at 90% ($4140 US) with a credit card, check, or payment on the Pay Pal invoice.


*or Pay Pal or with three equal scheduled  payments of $1533US (total of $4600 US ) over 3 months by check, credit card or Pay Pal.


*Credit Cards can be given over the phone (303 995 4276) or entered through the Pay Pal links associated with the invoice I will send.


We can schedule the different sessions at your convenience, though I recommend that during or after the series of "lectures" you consider a week or week and a half at  time that would include one "practice" session, sending me the recording, my listening and then you and I reviewing it together. This approach, if affordable to you, will keep you in the field of this teaching and healing service for maximum assimilation and a good foundation for your Work.


Upon satisfactory completion of the above and approval by the instructor you will receive a Certificate of Practitioner in the New Regression Therapy and  Spirit Releasement from the Golden Portal Institute .*


*Training for certification  is provided under the aegis of The Golden Portal Institute, a Colorado non profit corporation. Certificates are issued by the Institute.







These are available for those who want gain the skills of NRT and Spirit Releasement over a slower learning schedule.  These modules do not include the lectures, though they do contain teaching relevant to the context and content of your practice sessions. You can can include your own study and comprehension of the text, engaging in your own therapy sessions with Greg, (in person, phone or via Skype), submitting recordings of their client sessions for review by Greg with mentoring vis a vis those recordings via Skype or phone or in person.


Individual therapy sessions under this approach are $120 per hour. Gregs review of your recorded client or practice sessioins is $100 per hour and the mentoring sessions are $100 per hour. Recordings are made of your therapy sessions and the mentoring sessions.


Students can also arrange to bring their clients or patients to Greg's office to observe Greg's process in working with their client or patient. In those cases the cleint will pay a fee to Greg of $120 per hour. Such cases ca be recorded and there can be a post session review for the student at $100 per hour. Payment is made after each session upon receipt of invoice.